Should cloning technology be applied to humans?

Nowadays, due to the dramatic development in genetic engineering, clone technology has made great progress.

After Dolly the sheep was born in 1996, many scientists have tried to investigate clone man technology. They believe that, mature clone man technology can solve lots of incurable disease and help those who have trouble in bearing. However, lots of sociologists are against cloning humans, and believe it will cause serious social problems. In this blog, both two sides are considered. 

Against cloning humans 

  1. Cloning is against the laws of nature 

Cloning would reduce genetic variation produced by individual clones with the same genes. And the same disease susceptibility. For example, a type of disease can destroy the entire clone generation groups, all the livestock could be destroyed by a not serious disease if a country’s cattle are the same clone.

The cloning technology push us to generate the most valuable one of the whole population while this is not respect and abide by the law of nature. This could result almost no competitions between the same species. Thus, the cloning technology interferes with the natural process of evolution

2. Cloning uses extremely expensive technology 

For the perilously experiment by many scientists have identified that the test item of 4000 mouse oocytes costs only $ 2000, while if  test same number of human oocytes will cost 10 to 20 million. This is an example of the huge consuming of clone test. Moreover, just no women love to donate their oocytes and they also undertake the risk of scar might leave on the surface of their belly. Unless the economic difficulties faced by women, not many are willing to sell their oocytes and one oocyte worth to $3000 to $5000.

3. What is more serious when considering social ethics is that it is very difficult to identify a cloned human. His relationship with family members is confused. A clone man’s family relationship may also lead to the social relationship confusion such as the inheritance of property. Also, for the clone man himself, nobody take his own feelings into account. It is unacceptable for everyone that one day find oneself is a clone man and only ‘manufactured’ to taken as an alternate body for someone else for medical use. Even if his ‘father’ or ‘mother’ have no these plan and just want to born a baby. It is also very weird for the clone man to accept the fact that he is fully copied by another human.

4. Furthermore, nowadays, there are no available laws for clone man. Due to the subjects of virtual, people often feel confused about the subject of law which has already caused large amount of unfair phenomenon. The appearance of the clone man must aggravate these legal disputes events.

For clone men themselves, human rights cannot meet too. Due to their special mode of birth, it is easy for them to suffer from immunity problems and genetic problems. Their healthy is encroached when they born. Obviously, these problems are purely man-made. No one take their human rights into consideration, it is unfair for them.

For cloning humans

(1) On the one hand, the implementation of cloning experiments will promote the development of genetics. That is to say cloning technique can be used to produce valuable genes which are significant to the society even the world. For example, in the aspect of medical, insulin for the treatment of diabetes, growth hormone for dwarfism and interferon against a variety of virus infections are all produced by employing the meaningful technology. Furthermore, clone technology improves the prospects of using the cloned organs instead of the ones from animals. It is undeniable that the applying of this useful technique will bring the world more possibilities and it is obviously good news for those who lost their organs and live in a painful life. However, chances exist with challenges; experts cannot make sure that there will not be any rejection, so a further research should be done in the future.

On the other hand, cloning technique is a useful tool to improve the pregnancy success rate, which can help those who has disease or difficulties to have a child. In external fertilization surgery, doctors often need to put multiple embryos into the uterus and select one to enter the stage of pregnancy. However, many women can only provide one egg for fertilization, which is the main difficulty in the process. By employing clone technique, the problem can be well solved. Eggs can be cloned into multiple for fertilization, through which to improve the success rate of pregnancy effectively. This technology absolutely relieves the pain of women who cannot become a mother.

(2) Moreover, in other medical fields, cloning man technology also has a very good value. The same field of genetics, cloning technology can solve some of the root causes of genetic diseases. By detecting genetic defects in the fetus, fertilized eggs for cloning, and gene repair, in order to avoid the generation of genetic diseases. The genetic characteristics of the embryo in the uterus and the embryo clones are identical.

Even if cloning man technology is so superior efficacy, mankind still opposes cloning man technology. Fundamental reason is that the technology of cloning man contrary to human ethics, because cloning man is a product of human creativity. But morality cannot stop the progress of science. Cloning man as a nascent scientific and technological means is the inevitable outcome in a certain stage of scientific development. It marks the arrival of a new stage of development of human science and technology. It provides an important technical means for exploring the human mysteries of life, studying the occurrence of life and development of the law. It should be fully affirmed like other technological means people have at our disposal.

Both advantages and shortcomings of clone man technology are concerned. Now, do you support or boycott this new technology?


Ma Xiao

Gao Ming

Li Tao Xu Zheyu

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