Organ cloning: should it be allowed in society?

Organ cloning, the unofficial term of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT), has been researched for decades and shows promising outcome of producing compatible organs, which circumvents the problem of using immunosuppressive drugs in case of organ transplant. The breakthrough of this technology could lead to the cure of range of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. In the meantime, it raises moral concerns such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) embryos based on the argument of potential life.

Is organ cloning good for humanity? Or are they just killing humans?

Since years ago, the scientists have done a lot of researches of organ cloning to use them as a regenerative medicine or in other cases as a treatment for some illness such as Parkinson´s disease, but before they continue doing this we should analyze whether it is good for the humanity or not. The scientists are using a cloning technique that was used in 1996 to create the Dolly Sheep. In the technique used for human organ cloning the researches turn a human cell into stem cell, which can grow in any type of tissue in the body.

The main problem using that technique to clone organs is that the scientists are creating human embryos which are consequently disposed after the stem cell is harvested.

Here are some questions that should be considered in this process, What about the human embryos? Are they killing an embryo which has a potential to become human?  Yes, basically they are taking away the opportunity to live a human being. Due to the fact that it is arguable that the life has already begun in the embryonic stem cell stage, and life should be protected no matter which life stage. Every one of us come from the embryonic development and it is immoral if people destroy embryos for research purpose because everyone is born with equality and the Creator (God for some religions) gives the right to life, and no one should take away the opportunity to live a human being.

On the other hand, what if we let the human embryo to grow? Due to the fact that this embryo is a clone from someone else, if the embryo stay in the proper environment with suitable cultivation, it will grow into a very same human. Have you ever imagined to have a clone, this development which is going to rise several problems, due to the fact that the scientist have the power to create a human with the same characteristics as you.

As mentioned above, there is an ethical paradox related to the organ cloning, where it should be analyzed carefully by the pros and cons. It may raise other ethical problems, as an example the people who is suffering necrosis could replace their organ. If the organ cloning is turn it to the reality it could create a pathway to the eternal life.
As a conclusion, we consider that the organ cloning cannot be accepted for the humanity and the scientist should create another method to help the human, focus in the medicine that it is provided to them to solve the illness.

Organ cloning is a remarkable technique providing cure to multiple diseases.

Nowadays the demands of organ transplant are increasing, with the supply still be limited Research by WHO has found that only one in ten people in need of a new kidney, the body part most in demand, manages to get one. And it is reported that three people in the UK die every day while waiting for an organ transplant. Besides, every organ accepter has to take immunosuppressive drugs which compromise the immune system and make them more easily exposed to the other diseases. Nevertheless, transplanted organs always fail after a few years due to the immunology rejection. Clinically speaking, only 60% of transplanted kidney can last over 10 years.

So here comes SCNT. SCNT can produce stem cells and develop them into any organs that patients require, which solves the problem of limited organs, thus save the time of patient as well as their lives. Additionally, the cloned organs have a much longer life. Take cardiopath (patients suffer heart diseases) as an example, 80 percent of patients who taking the heart transplantation surgery (using allograft heart) can only live about 2 years while those who use cloned heart can live more than 10 years. Another benefit of SCNT is that it uses the cells from patients themselves to develop heart, which means that the gene of the heart exactly matches the patients. There will not be any rejection reaction from body, and cardiopath who transplants the cloned heart can live longer.

Furthermore, there is a far greater amount of patient who suffer from non-fatal disease, diabetes for example, could be benefited from organ transplant, as long as they don’t have to suffer the compromise of immune system and organ failure due to the rejection. SCNT as mention above, can fix those problems by using the patient’s own gene to create a customized organ which would not cause rejection.

Diabetes patients have to carry an insulin inject package all the time, no matter they are out of work or on a vacation, and their health base on this very pack of drugs. It damages the quality of life, but yet it still keeps the patients alive, so it used to be no reason to replace the Langerhans (the organ that produce insulin). However, without all the side effect, there would be every reason to get a new Langerhans and get rid of the insulin package once for all!

In conclusion, SCNT technique is worth being developed, as a path to an illness-free society!


Group 20: Omar Antuna Medina, Zhongzheng Lin, Jiawen Hu, Shen Pan


10 thoughts on “Organ cloning: should it be allowed in society?

  1. First, I don’t want to offend anybody. But in my opinion, Organ clone is completely acceptable because it’s a pure product of human wisdom and efforts. We undergo different kinds of disease at every corner on the earth, and it’s the advance of biotechnology that makes our lives a better world. I don’t think manipulating the embryo is a process of killing a human being, as it’s comparable to raise poultry on a farm and kill it for the sake of our own survival. In fact, killing poultry is more brutal since it has already become a mature animal which may yell and cry when we execute it. We utilize embryo for the same sake of our own survival as well. Embryo, however, is not a complete animal yet. Therefore, we shouldn’t feel guilty when we are destroying an embryo. But I understand that different people has different ethic standards. Some people may regard embryo as already a state of human being because it has the potential to become a baby. Then I will say please don’t touch my skin because your hand could shred off my skin cells which also have the potential to proceed into a human being with regards to the potential advance of human technology. People’s opinions always vary. That’s the reason why we have a beautifully diverse world. I definitely respect and understand other opinions, and please forgive me if I say something wrong. Many thanks.


  2. as the report mentioned, if the embryo stay in the proper environment with suitable cultivation, it will grow into a very same human,that means everyone may has a clone who is just looks exactly the same like you ,in that time,the word will be a crazy world,you can not even distinguish who is real human and someone could use this to do something horrible to society especially someone who has antisocial personality,it may raise so many ethical problems.As we all know organ cloning is a double-edged sword,we can use it to cure many diseases as well,but as the sciences developing rapidly ,there are many new techniques we can use to cure diseases,so it is no need to take the risk to use this cloning,we can find a better way.the cloning is no worth being developed.


  3. i agree that orgen cloning is good idea for human beings. It definately brings lots of benefits for people who are waiting for a new healthy orgen.


  4. In my opinion, this technique must be part of the future medical developments, due to the possibility of saving life’s and improve life quality. About the moral repercussions of the topic, I think that if the technology is used just for medical aims and does not attempt against human integrity it can be used commonly.


  5. I deeply agree with the authors’ ideas. SCNT is a great idea that could change the world and it would help so many people. Even though some could believe that you are playing the game “I’m God”, I do not think that it would be like that. I am Catholic and what God wants is that we thank him for what he has done and prepared for us. However, I believe that there is one reason why he made us witty: To improve. So, God has given us the knowledge to improve his creations (because this could certainly be helpful for animals as well), technically we are damaging neither his paradise nor his creatures.

    On the other hand, I would not consider Cloning as an example of eternal life. First you have to consider that it would be almost inaccessible for everyone if it existed. I consider that this could become an example of “eternal life” only if poverty would not exist (a very unrealistic dream).


  6. I do agree that the organ-cloning should be applied for developing the advanced technology of treatment. Although there might be some problems related to religion or the ‘game of play God’, the most important thing is that organ cloning can save patients’ lifes and reduce the criminal rate.


  7. The technology of cloning should only be used in and limited within organ cloning, because moral issues would be brought in when human cloning is involved. Just like how Keigo Higashino illustrated in one of his book, achievement of unrestricted human cloning can lead to lots of crime with purposes of living. I believe that the only way to use cloning technology to save patients is to set up related law to ban the human cloning.


  8. Not sure about what to say, just feel that it should be OK as long as the technology is used in the right way. I agree with the organ cloning, not the human cloning, and I don’t see any moral problem about organ cloning.


  9. The technology of cloning should only be used in and limited within organ cloning, because moral issues would be brought in when human cloning is involved. Just like how Keigo Higashino illustrated in one of his book, achievement of unrestricted human cloning can lead to lots of crime with purposes of living. I believe that the only way to use cloning technology to save patients is to set up related law to ban the human cloning.


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