The Professional Responsibilities of the Engineer (PRE)-student conversations is a public blog for our #engineersofthefuture at The University of Sheffield to discuss and debate social implications of current and topical engineering dilemmas. This is a learning activity for students and as such, we invite the public to comment on the articles published, give your opinions and join the debate.
Please help our future engineers to develop the skills to identify, analyse, make informed judgments and be able to morally and ethically justify their future decisions as professional engineers.


One thought on “About


    News articles on the future of autonomous vehicles are missing something. Humor!

    This seems par for the course in discussions of this topic–on the radio, TV, or on the Internet.

    In a blatant attempt to newsjack and catch the wave of interest in cars that drive themselves, I have a short cartoon-illustrated book (12 pages, 1700 words) called My Car Never Listens To Me (see attached), free at Smashwords.com.

    In the story, a self-driving car makes trouble for its human passenger.
    Is the world ready for a driverless smart car? No.
    Must we be imprisoned by our technological creations? Probably.

    The humor of exaggeration can provide an antidote to fears about the future.

    If nothing else, check out the silly cover–possibly the first car with true arms and legs.


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